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Kylemore Nursery School, Coleraine

Observation, Learning and Progression

We believe in supporting children’s learning through high quality adult interactions using children’s own interests and needs.

This ensures children are continually making progress and developing new skills. We might teach them a specific skill or how to use something, we introduce new language, we extend the child’s thinking by talking to them, we suggest problems and support the children to find their own solutions and we use technology and/or books to support us in finding out more.

All of the information we record on your child is put into your child's learning journey on Seesaw and you can also contribute to them with your child. Please do add in drawings, comments and photographs of your child from activities outside school. 

We also ask during your child's focus weeks that you record what your child is doing at home through photographs and completing the ‘parent consultation’ form. The teacher will send this home when it is your child's focus week.

We will email a unique link for every child that will allow you to connect to Seesaw at the beginning of term.  If you change your email address please contact the school office.

Staff will endeavour to give regular photo updates about your child’s progress.   This means you have a perfect opportunity to look through the pictures and videos of what happens in nursery or on educational visits with your child. It's a good way to chat about what they're doing and learning in nursery school. 

Parents and carers are invited in term 1 and 2 for Parents’ Meetings to talk about their child’s progress with their teacher and also have opportunities to talk to their child's small group person each day.   A report is created for each child in term 3 outlining progress in each area of learning. Parents and carers receive a copy of this report, and another copy is sent to the child’s primary school.

Our main aim throughout the year is to ensure that every child enjoys their year in nursery and becomes more confident, capable and communicative.