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Kylemore Nursery School, Coleraine

Partnership with Parents


As a parent you are the first educator of your child and therefore we welcome partnership with all parents.  We particularly value the beginning and end of sessions when an informal word can be shared. However Covid-19 means that staff and parents will maintain social distancing. This year we are directed by DE to have video calls with parents rather than face to face meetings. 

We will be inviting you to take part in Family Friday online events where small groups of parents will sign up for workshops. Agnes leads the sessions which will start with Evidence Me help session this year in October - further details later.

Now that your child is at nursery school you are automatically a member of our Parents' Group. 

Newsletters will be posted on the website and shared via Parentmail regularly to keep you informed about our planned programme for the children.  

As partners let us encourage: 

Creative thinking 
- and -