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Kylemore Nursery School, Coleraine

UPDATE- Starting Nursery in September 2020

7th Jul 2020

All families were contacted on Monday 10th August with a starting date, timetable for September and 40 minute time slot for you to visit with your child. These visits will happen on Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd September. No additional persons -just one adult and one child. Sorry but we cannot change the time slots. 

From Thursday 3rd September we will have 2 groups in each class each day. This is our normal procedure each September for starting new children in a new environment with new staff and new children.

Social distancing will be in place for all adults - including staff- and we ask all adults to wear a mask when coming with your child.

We have set up Evidence Me and sent an email to all new parents to join. Thank you to everyone who has logged in! Please sign up if you haven’t already done so...this is how we will communicate with you about your child's learning in nursery and at home.